It would be very much appreciated if you could take a few minutes to complete this short questionnaire.

Results of these questionnaires will be regularly collated and used to influence how the service can be improved.

    1. How did you find out about Gordon Rural Action?
    You may tick more than one option.
    Have used GRA's advice service beforeWord of mouthInternet searchLibraryFamily/FriendsReferred from another serviceWhich? AdvertisementWhere? Other
    2. Which service did you use?
    Advice on benefits, employment, housing issues, debt, etc.Support at welfare benefit tribunals
    3. Where/How did you access this service?
    In person at advice office:
    4. Was this
    easy to reach? YesNoavailable at a convenient time for you? YesNoPlease describe how this could have been improved.
    5. Were staff friendly and approachable?
    YesNoPlease Comment:
    6. Were staff well informed about the issue you required assistance with?
    YesNoPlease Comment:
    7. Was everything explained to you clearly?
    YesNoIf No, Please Comment:
    8. If your issue could not be resolved at once, Were you kept informed of progress?
    YesNoIf No, Please Comment:
    9. How long did you wait to be seen?
    Straight awayNext dayWithin a weekWithin a month
    10. How satisfied were you with the service that you received?
    Very SatisfiedQuite SatisfiedSatisfiedNot Satisfied